Tejupilco Tablet

A display structure for a monolithic slab discovered in the community of San Francisco los Nopales in Tejupilco, Estado Mexico.   Collaboration project with www.arxproject.org

In the mountainous region of Estado Mexico lies a village that has a dozen megalithic tablets scattered within its surroundings. Most of these mysterious slabs weigh about a ton and appear to have identical T-shaped carvings on them. These highly stylized basalt stone slabs are not attributed to any ancient culture but are recognized to be hundreds of years old.

In a recent excavation on the top of a hill in the village of San Francisco los Nopales another fully intact slab was found by the local inhabitants. To help salvage this artifact the team at the ARX Project was called in to coordinate the securing and transportation of this megalithic tablet. In addition to the excavation, the community wanted to be able to showcase this tablet to the public in a secure structure that could become a local tourist attraction in that area.

The location of the built project is just outside the local school grounds where there is a lot of pedestrian traffic during the daytime. The tablet structure consists of a podium, display case, columns, and roof. It is made from concrete cast on site and painted in vibrant colors to be seen from far away. The stone tablet is secured with metal clamps so that it doesn't move during earthquakes or intense weather events.