Xochitepec Cabin

An off-grid 100m2 cabin made from wood planks and bamboo posts located inside a community garden in Cuernavaca, Mexico. 

The project is situated on 12 concrete columns which allows for the flow of water and the local wildlife to travel underneath it without any interruptions.  The structural frame of the whole cabin is composed of 3”-4” bamboo posts which form a series of a-frame sections and inverted triangle forms.  These frames are held together by horizontal bamboo posts which host the first and second levels.  The geometry of the roof allows for solar panel equipment and the capture of rain water which is connected to a filtration system below.

The climate of Cuernavaca is dry and humid with steady periods of rain during the wet season. The south facing wood louver doors allow for the flow of air during the hot nights and access to fresh air when open during the day.  The roof is extended to the southern side allowing for shade within the interior and maximum views of the surrounding mountains and volcanos.  The first level has a large balcony allowing for an outdoor dining area.  The second level hosts a master bedroom that can be split into 2 rooms with individual access to a shared balcony.