Chicken Itza

A chicken coop built from salvaged construction waste inspired by Mayan pyramid culture inside a community garden in Mexico City.

The total wooden frame is composed of salvaged posts that were discarded from a previous construction site and brought to the garden for reuse. These posts were cut into pieces, treated, and assembled to make a sturdy geometrical shape.  The design of the frame references the pyramid Chichen Itza in the Yukatan, geodesic domes, and sacred geometry.  The structure inside, that houses the 18 chicken beds, is built entirely with Tetra Pak panels which are composed of recycled aluminum and plastic bottles pressed into 1 x 2m boards. There are 3 openings located inside allowing for easy egg collection and maintenance.  

For the fa├žade, salvaged pieces of bamboo from previous projects, were cut into pieces and assembled into a horizontal pattern.  Covering the whole exterior frame is a wire mesh that protects the chickens from outside predators and weather elements.  The geometry of the coop allows for various areas inside to be repurposed for other animals, such as rabbits on the ground floor and doves in the upper areas.  Guarding the entrance of the chicken coop is a custom made Chac Mool stone statue referencing a Mayan deity that was placed in front of temples and pyramids in ancient Mexico.