Pinche Bar

An industrial themed bar located inside a large refurbished factory from the 1940s in the Colonia Anahuac neighborhood of Mexico City.

The 300-square-meter bar is part of a large warehouse which hosts an American BBQ restaurant, administration offices, and several event spaces.  Located on the second level, Pinche Bar first welcomes its visitors to an outdoor terrace covered with plants and murals inspired by iconic American sports, musical, and cultural figures.  The outdoor areas hosts numerous picnic tables for dining and a small bar in the corner which is open to the public when the main bar inside is closed for special events.  The main entrance is opened by two large folding doors which allow for the main bar inside to be extended into the outdoor area during large parties and events.  When the doors are closed the metal fa├žade reveals the words “welcome” in over 20 different languages. 

The main feature of the bar inside is a black concrete top counter adorned with rusted metal panels that stretches over 15 meters.  The interior walls are covered with stained wooden planks to give the space a warm and low-key atmosphere, while the main wall behind the bar has these planks arranged in a diamond shape which play with the diagonal geometry of the existing celling trusses and metal columns.  All the furnishings are custom made, from the hanging lights, beer taps, to the tables and chairs.  Some old gear parts found in the basement of the factory were even repurposed for a giant mural on the side wall of the bar.