Grupo Chilangogringo Office

A 200m2 office space for 24 people located inside an old refurbished factory in Colonia Anahuac, Mexico City.

Grupo Chilangogringo is a company that currently manages two BBQ restaurants in Mexico City. To accommodate their ever-growing business a new location was needed to host their operations staff and marketing team.  Their second restaurant is currently located within a giant repurposed factory from the 1960’s with many unoccupied areas.  It is within one of these zones that the new offices were going to be built.  Located on the second level, one area has circulation access and viewing to different parts of the building.  With large windows for daylight and privacy from the restaurant below it was the perfect place for the new office.

There were many design requirements that had to be considered for this new office space.  The removal of old factory windows and replacing them with more modern ones sealed the office off from the BBQ smoke below and added more daylight into the interior of the area.  Several conference room zones and privacy booths were created to allow for various meetings to take place.  Desks were arranged in a specific way for easy access and communication between the office workers and managers.  Air circulation vents and heaters were added to keep the temperature inside at a comfortable level.  Rustic and industrial design elements in the interior created a unique environment which presented a connection to the old factory that was here before.