Pinche Cafe

A small boutique café that serves espresso and desserts, located inside a warehouse in Mexico City. 

Pinche Gringo BBQ is a restaurant that serves authentic American barbecue.  Located inside a giant warehouse, it hosts weekly concerts, community events, and broadcasts a variety of sports matches.  The restaurant has been in operation for over a year, in a neighborhood that is rapidly developing with new residential and commercial projects.  To help prepare for this new influx of patrons a series of ventures have been proposed to further expand existing food services.  To meet the demands of the customers, one of the first projects built was a new café inside the warehouse.

For the new location of the café the route to the bathroom was redirected from the original position.  This allowed for the café to be placed inside the corner, which helped to save on the cost of materials.  An existing door next to it was then converted into a window allowing for service to the outside.  The whole café is clad in wood with a metal frame on its edges. Interior steel posts support the counters and wooden planks.  Located inside the space are a series of custom-made elements such as the ceiling mounted lamps, a chandelier, and the wooden pipe shelves.  The wooden window to the outside is supported by metal hinges and can be locked from the inside.