Jarillas Eco Sign

An outdoor vertical garden sign for a community center in Iztacalco, Mexico City. 

Casa de Cultura las Jarillas is a community center in Iztacalco, Mexico City that promotes cultural proliferation through, workshops, theater, arts, and urban farming.  To create a more visible presence within the neighborhood a sign was needed to help steer people towards the community center.  This signage had to be easy to install, preferably integrated with local plants, and be seen from across the street where a bus station is located.  After some studies and research a material was found that could be easily modified and required little maintenance.  Coroplast is a white plastic material that is lightweight and can be combined into large pieces to create a visual impact for those who are walking by and driving in vehicles.

The largest available coroplast sheets were purchased and then put together.  Each combined sheet spelled out a letter that was part of the community center’s name. Within each letter special slits were made to allow for planter cups to be integrated with plants. The planter cups had deep enough space for soil to hold medium sized plants.  These plants are exposed to the morning sun and rainfall, which allows them to be hydrated and healthy throughout the day. Attached to the chain link fence the letters can be easily detached for cleaning and repair if needed. By having a more visible presence in the neighborhood the community center now attracts more people to the area and inspires them to learn about urban agriculture in the city.